Feeding Tube Awareness Week

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Feeding Tube Awareness Week was held 5-11 February 2023.  To help support #FTAW2023 we put together a list of books dedicated to children who may require a tube for food, medication or hydration support. 

These books help explore the journey of children with gastric tubes and NG tubes through supportive illustrations and text. These books help provide awareness of tube feeding, information about helping children feel accepted and educational material.

Emma’s Special Tummy

The Adventures of Team Super Tubie


Feeding Tube Safety for Kids

The abilities in me: Tube Feeding

My Brother has Two Belly Buttons


My Tubey Goes to School

My Tubey: A Day in the Life of a Tube Fed Girl

I Eat Differently (I Am Different) Paperback

Tubie Kids Like Me

My Gastrostomy Tube

My Belly Has Two Buttons

Bobby B. Button and His Magic Button