Feeding Tube Awareness Week 5-11 February 2023


Feeding Tube Awareness Week (5-11 February 2023) is about bringing everyone together who has a feeding tube, whatever the reason may be. We’ve partnered with ausEE Inc. to help raise awareness for those managing tube feeding and the day-to-day challenges they may face #FTAW2023

Cystinosis is one of the many conditions that may require a feeding tube as alterations in appetite regulation (reduced or suppressed appetite), chronic kidney disease, oral aversions, dysphagia, and gastrointestinal issues along with a large medication regime may mean that a feeding tube may be required so that food, water and medications can reach the body.

Food in liquid form (either real food that is blended or formula) along with medications and other
supportive items (broths and supplements) can be administered through a tube either in the stomach, small intestine or nose.

The two most common types of feeding tubes are a nasogastric tube (NG-tube) which is a tube that is inserted through the nose and runs down to the stomach and a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) which is inserted into the stomach through a small opening made in the abdominal wall.

You can find out more about tube feeding this Feeding Tube Awareness Week (5-11 February 2023) here www.feedingtubeaware.com.au